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What we do


We offer a range of bespoke Health and Wellbeing packages to businesses seeking to improve productivity, reduce sickness absence and increase staff morale.  We also provide training and workshops on a variety of Health and Wellbeing topics which include; 

  • Mental Health Awareness in the work place.
  • Smoking Cessation.
  • Risks Associated with sedentary lifestyles and how to avoid them.
  • Supporting Employees with Long Term Conditions.
  • Nutritional support within the office.

How we help


Our packages are designed to provide effective health assessment, education and recommendation that will support any employee within the work place. Evidence has shown that by investing in an employee Health and Wellbeing programme, employers can expect a substantial return both financially and via reputation as a caring and compassionate employer. Reductions in absenteeism, improved morale and an overall healthier workforce are all examples of what you can expect from the service delivered by The Office Nurse. 

Natasha Davies BSc (Hons) Founder of The Office Nurse


Natasha is a Registered General Nurse with 10 years experience working within the NHS, across both Mental health and General nursing specialities. Natasha has a passion for driving health education, and empowering her clients to find their way to better health. Natasha's areas of special interest include how nutrition can affect health, supporting life with mental health problems, and managing long term conditions through better lifestyle choices. Natasha always engages in the current evidence based practices, and keeps her knowledge and expertise current via continued professional development. Natasha has recently revalidated with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and is free to practice without restrictions. 

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